How it works

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Booking a Shapes Defined photographer is as easy as 1-2-3.

Instant Booking

Hire our professional photographers in just a few clicks with our fast and simple booking system. The best Dubai has to offer in automated studios for product and fashion photography. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and press “Book Now”


Receive the booking confirmation in your inbox in seconds. Follow the easy process, product category, package and schedule your shoot. Your account is there for any last minute alterations, and get a confirmation e-mail as well.

Progress Tracking

Live cam

Track your shoot remotely via our live cam. All our 10 booths are equipped with high definition cameras.


As soon as your items are delivered, your inventory will instantly pop up on your account to track, double check and stay organized. Each product has its unique SKU number.

Shoot guide

Your brand is unique, and so are your products. Upload instantly your photography guideline, special request documents or retouching preferences. We will stick to your directives like honey on butter.


Relax. You’re in the hands of our experienced professionals who are guaranteed to achieve best results in a timely manner. Drop by if you like and join the fun, the more the merrier.


Have your photos digitally retouched by our team of experts, free of charge. Yes, you heard it right! No image can compete on the world stage of the internet without a little extra help from our photoshop experts.


Your shoot is done! Now what? View and download your beautifully finished photos from your very own private and secure online gallery in 48 hours or less! Not satisfied with one or two pictures? The gallery offers a “REJECT” button for each picture and a comment area. Let us know your thoughts and comments. Other wise just download your images whether you requested jpg or png for your online activity, or tiff or eps or psd for print.  


How the Shapes Defined works

Watch this short explainer video for a quick overview of how Shapes Defined Studio works.