We manufacture professional product photography solutions that allow anyone to capture and display exceptional still, 360 and 3D product photography results.

Light holders are positioned far enough away from the background that photos are of the highest quality.
We can provide intelligent suspension options for various objects, feet and wheel switches, software presets, etc.
Heavy-duty, durable and reliable robots are suitable even for multi-shift work in industrial environments.


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Since we are selling clothing, there is always the risk of customers returning products because they do not fit. This is why we wanted to establish a way of presenting the textiles online which makes them comparable and also is capable of showcasing small details. We did not shoot our own pictures before and only used images from the manufacturers.

Markus KlingDirector of Marketing, FoxxShirts.de

coop@home is the online supermarket created by Coop, the largest retail and wholesale company in Switzerland. Coop@home offers a large range of brand products as well as its own brands.

Eva GreenWebshop Administrator, coop@home

Before using the PackshotCreator photo studio, we used to hire the service of an external photographer whenever we needed photos of our products. In addition to the significant costs incurred, it was not always the best and the fastest solution. Our challenge was to find an easy way to produce our photos without the need to train our staffs

M. Boudier Webmaster, Tissot

Depending a lot on distance selling as its primary way of sales, Dell relies heavily on quality photos of its products. With PackshotCreator, we internally shoot our products without having any pre-requisite knowledge in photography. This helped us save costs as we did not have to rely on an external photographer.

Pascal NugerEvent Project Manager, Dell