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Why E-Commerce is Growing All Over The World

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Have you ever thought what the actual case is?
Actually, it’s all about the ease and comfort that people are facing by using their mobile. The trend of SmartPhones increased since it gets mobile apps to run faster and smoother than tradional desktop or laptops.
We all are aware of the fact that how badly people are addicted to shopping and their smart phone. But when it comes to online shopping then it becomes much more enjoyable and full of comfort zone.


How to buy online

Sales online

E-Commerce is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world.
People from every age whether they are children, millennials, or old loves to shop from different e-stores.
Online shopping provides much more happiness as compared to physical shopping stores. Why?
  • Simple as we have a lot of websites and apps focusing e-commerce,

  • It has become simple to find anything on e-store that you want to buy immediately.

In the coming years, it is expected that growth of e-commerce will increase like never before with all the current technologies offered to the customers.
As per an authenticate survey retail e-commerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will be hike around 200%


© Amazon Statistics 2017

© Amazon Statistic 2017

What about  UAE

Ecommerce has been one of the fastest growing businesses in the Middle East, and UAE has some of the most exciting online shopping figures in the region.
Propelled by the country’s near complete internet penetration and its reputation as a world-class shopping destination, Online Shopping has witnessed incredible growth in the UAE over the past 5 years.
So much so that terms like “megatrend” have increasingly come to be used when talking about ecommerce in the country. In the following sections we explore this growth in detail and try to understand the varied characteristics of the ecommerce space in the UAE.
Based on the latest ecommerce numbers, the internet penetration in the UAE stands at 99%.
So when we talk about the ecommerce figures as a percentage of the internet users in the country, we are taking into account nearly the entire population of the country.
Out of this total number of internet users in the UAE, at least 85 percent have searched for a product online and 91% have visited an online retail store.
At least 63% have actually made a purchase online. Both mobile and desktop users contribute equally towards the total number of purchases.



There are a host of varying factors powering the growth of ecommerce in the UAE. Let’s take a look at a few:
1. The Growth of Mobile and Internet Technologies
The UAE has shown incredible acceptance towards mobile devices and the internet in general
2. Ease of Doing Business
There are very few countries in the world that are as encouraging of entrepreneurship and startups as the UAE.
3. Existing Strong Retail and Business Setups
Businesses in the UAE are supported by a host of efficient and modern infrastructural and technical implementations that facilitate trade, transactions and deliveries
4. New Investments in Ecommerce
2017  was a big year for ecommerce in the UAE. Amazon bought, the biggest ecommerce brand in the country and Emaar Properties launched Noon, an all-new $1 billion ecommerce venture.
There is variety of ecommerce platforms now available in the market, it is easy for everyone from established businesses to startups to set up an ecommerce website and start selling.
we will share with you and according to us “The top 5 of ecommerce platforms”.


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