3D LUT Creator

3D LUT Creator is the latest program with unique tools for professional color grading of digital images and video and creating 3DLUT-files that can be imported into many programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FinalCut Pro.



Color correction in 3D LUT Creator is made by bending grid tied to the color plane containing the saturation and hue. The use of this interface allows user in few clicks completely change the color scheme of the image or work with the desired color ranges separately.



The program is suitable for standard color correction and to create artistic effects.

Videographers and Colorists

The program lets you save color settings in files with the extension .3dl, .cube, .csv which are cross-platform format, so you can open them in a video editor, such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3DaVinci Resolve, FinalCut Pro. You just need to take one frame of the video, process it in the program, save the settings and apply a color profile for the entire video!

Designers and creative people

The simplicity and clarity with which 3D LUT Creator works with color images will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, files with the extension .3dl can be imported into Adobe Photoshop, so you can apply these settings as adjustment layers, using them not only to bitmap images, but also to vector graphics.




Unique tools

of 3D LUT Creator you will not find in any other photo or video editor.

Integration with Adobe Photoshop

in a single click allows you to download LUT in Adobe Photoshop.

Constant updating of program functional

still left nobody indifferent.

The speed and ease of use

has been appreciated by more than 1,000 users of the program

Ability to create 3DLUTs

was appreciated by videographers and colorists from around the world.

A/B grid

A/B grid allows in few clicks to change the color of an object by dragging the desired color on the grid node to the desired hue and saturation without affecting other colors. In this case color gradients remains smooth because A/B grid does not work on a mask and acts like a smooth curves in Photoshop. Hue and saturation of color change regardless of the brightness.

C/L grid

C/L grid allows to control contrast within specific color.


VOLUME allows by one click change brightness accents of the image depending on their color and highlights the main subject.