In Studio

Software driven photography studios for creating professional JPG/RAW still shots for eCommerce, business communications, and more. No experience necessary.

Use our software-controlled product photography studios to create professional quality product images in-house, fast and efficiently.

Each solution allows anyone (regardless of experience) to create web-ready product shots on pure white. By integrating controlled lighting with advanced photography software and a compatible camera, many of the variables that make product photography difficult can be controlled or eliminated so businesses can maximize product photography productivity.

Take Every Product Shot with a Pure White Background

Imagine being able to take product shots and 360 degree product views on a pure white background with little to no editing. How much time would that save you and your staff? Since Amazon required product shots on pure white, our systems have been in high demand. Their ability to efficiently create “Amazon-eligible” images allow companies to take the pictures they need and be more productive.

Take Product Shots on a Pure White Background

We’ve made it simple. The lighting design and lighting control inside many of Ortery’s product photography studios allow users to quickly achieve photography results on pure white. In fact, before a picture is taken the user already knows whether it will be on a pure white background or not. Ortery studios capture images on pure white from both the top and side views giving the user maximum flexibility.

Still Product Shot Examples

How to take eCommerce product shots?  Ortery offers a wide range of still shot product photography solutions capable of shooting images in the following formats: JPG/RAW/TIFF/PNG.  Each offers color-accurate and shadow free photography results. Most can automatically take product shots on a pure white background or transparent background with little to no editing.

Still Shot Benefits

Professional Results

Consistently take color accurate photos with shadow-free, transparent or pure white backgrounds

Do It Yourself

Software guides you visually, step-by-step to create stunning product shots, then save and re-use the best camera and lighting settings again

Fast and Efficient

Easily take 100’s of product shots per day with consistent product placement and clear perfect focus

Excellent Craftsmanship

Free technical support, one-year free software upgrades, one-year warranty

Get Started and Grow

We offer solutions that fit different sizes and budgets. Start by mastering still shots then add a turntable or arm to create 360/3D product views and videos


This one-time purchase will solve your product photography needs for years to come