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Add texture, personality, and style to your online store and social media feed by utilizing eCommerce’s most versatile and innovative method of product photography, Flat Product Photography. Let your product photos speak for you and stay ahead of the competition!

Flat lay photography is the eCommerce equivalent of unfolding a garment in a store to get a better look at a product’s fit, drape, and material quality.

Not only has it quickly become a viable alternative to ghost mannequin photography, but flat lay has been the go-to fashion photography choice for creative social media, magazine, lookbook, or catalog content without needing to use a model.

Book your fashion and clothing photography online and take your apparel business to the next level.


For jewelers and e-commerce stores, regardless of their experience in photography, our modern jewelry photography studios make taking advanced jewelry photos of rings, necklaces, watches, loose diamonds and others a reality. Your product will surpass all competition as we bring out its uniqueness and make it irresistible to buy.

Expertise in jewelry photography, taking professional shots of different categories: Rings, necklaces, or earrings – we can shoot any of your complex pieces so that your customers will fall in love at first glance.

Show the product in full focus: Your customers want to see every single detail of your product to be convinced to buy. So, in other words, macro photography is synonymous with sales and profit.
We use focus stacking technology to create sharp, fully focused jewelry imagery.




Consistency from product to product: Maintain the same quality, same angle, and retouching from shoot to shoot.

We make your product shine: Our employment of macro photography will focus your customers’ views on your jewelry pieces.


In addition to your design, you are judged only by the belief that the quality of the photos portraying the jewelry on your website is accurate and truthful to the product.

Our combination of photo studios and software assists small to large jewelry businesses to facilitate and accelerate their photography workflow. Whether it be for e-commerce, social media, catalogs, product development, quality control, or more: users are able to create — in-house — hundreds to thousands of professional product views per day that guarantee outstanding quality and strong consistency.


Macro photography can also be utilized to shoot different products other than jewelry, such as perfumes and fragrances, phones and high-tech gadgets with minute details, sunglasses, makeup, and more.


One of fashion photography branches, ghost mannequin photography, is undeniably the most requested style of photography for fashion garments. Show off your range with clean, consistent images that really communicate your brand. Bring satisfaction to your customers by allowing them to view your products in full detail.


The right tools for the trade
Perfectly sized mannequins, lighting, photography, and skilled post-production ensure your apparel and accessories look their best. We steam, hang, and prep all your products upon arrival. Handling your items with due care and attention; priming them for their moment in front of the camera.


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Specters of the Studio Undeniably, using the ghost mannequin technique in fashion photography will work wonders. The benefits of ghost mannequin photography are clear; the mannequin form shows off shape, drape, and fit. Cleverly constructed garments and designer details are brought to life on the mannequin form. By removing the mannequin in post-production and inserting necklines and waistbands, you show off your seasonal fashion favorites in full uninterrupted glory. Phantoms of Photoshop Post-production is an important part of the process. Our photographers work to ensure minimal retouching is required where possible, but with invisible mannequin photography, our skilled post-production team bring their experience to the forefront. Expertly removing mannequins, straightening seams and perfecting colors, creating the final polish to your important images


Our approach to product photography is inclusive. Our packshot photography techniques provide high-quality photos of your product taken from different angles, including the packaging and labeling. We help you to fully answer your clients’ question “is this the product I’m looking for?” and convince them to make a purchase decision.

Here at Shapes Defined, we make use of the most prominent packshot creator software to produce professional product photos that showcase your product in the best possible way.

Online shoppers are usually attracted to visuals, therefore the quality of the photos you provide on your website is one of the major factors behind success. Potential clients will consider the quality of your photos and how detailed they are as determining factors of whether your website can be trusted to make an online purchase that will meet their expectations.

Your business success is a priority for us, and that’s why our team will focus on planning every detail of your packshot photography session and make sure every tiny aspect of your product is covered to gain customers’ trust and build your brand credibility.

Our in-house services cover all types of professional photography.

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Creative photography; taking your products from the standard to the sublime. We help you build your brand image, establish your business credibility, and achieve your goals regarding profit and sales by producing professional product photos that reflect the unparalleled aspects of your products.

Building an image portfolio that includes packshot, still-life and creative images ensures you have the photography assets available to market your products effectively. Reaching bigger and better audiences

With a wealth of creative talent in different types of photography, including macro photography, white background photography, our professional post-production and styling, SD is renowned in the industry for providing a comprehensive service. As market leaders in commercial photography, we understand the importance photography plays in building a successful brand and maintaining your place in a busy marketplace.


Lifestyle product photography allows your products to be seen by your consumers in the environment they were designed for. It works on the imaginative side and enables your clients to picture themselves as they use your product, this will play a great role in encouraging them to purchase your products. Shapes Defined has extensive experience shooting stunning lifestyle imagery both out on location and here from our large Dubai studio. Whether it’s fashion photography, food photography, jewelry photography, or any other type of product photography, Shapes Defined is meant to provide the maximum results. We are experts in utilizing natural daylight to show off the beauty of a product. As well as blending this seamlessly with artificial lighting to ensure every shoot yields stunning results, even when the weather has other ideas! We work with brands big and small. From household-name international brands to start-ups. Get in touch to find out how we can help bring your ideas to life and to discuss any upcoming projects you may have. Whatever your product, no matter how big or small, our commercial ecommerce photography studio can accommodate you — creating the perfect environment for your products to shine and find you the right location if required. Lifestyle product photography is a kind of product photography that aims to show your product within a styled scene, with/without models, to demonstrate the main purpose of this product and how a potential customer can use it.
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