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ECOM Catwalk

Retailers and marketers can no longer ignore the power and importance of video. It is a versatile and creative medium, it’s open to a whole host of genres for retailers; product demonstration

videos, model catwalk videos, location shoot videos, and more.

Simple catwalk video one cut to multiple cuts for e-commerce using static and panning cameras.

Product video marketing has so many undeniable benefits, product marketing videos using models can set you apart from the competition and attract new customers. Placing such product videos on your landing pages, e-commerce product pages, and social media accounts can help your customers get closer to a buying decision.

Online purchasing is projected to grow, online consumers are demanding more information and as a result, fashion & apparel businesses are having to work harder to hold our attention.

Let us help take your apparel business to the next level. Incorporate a model video alongside your photography to give your consumers more information, a better understanding, and a moving reference for your products in use.

If you’re thinking of shooting your apparel photography with us, why not utilize our video studio to maximize your time whilst your products are in the studio? Providing you with a range of apparel photography & videography, promotional photography, and video material that can be used across various campaigns and online platforms.

Our studio can accommodate various types of video requirements including; catwalk, and 360 rotations, we have a wide range of creative and instructional e- commerce videos, all of which can be shot and edited in-house.

Creating animations and gifs – be playful in your video content which makes it more engaging.